best news evar!!!

15 11 2007


i’m preggers!!! yay for me.

i gave away all of the today’s best links to fellow (more committed) bloggers. here are the left overs.

this is proof that most people need to pull their heads out of their asses and stop judging people they don’t know shit about. “surfer dude discovers holy grail of physics.” (also, if you use the term “surfer dude” you are automatically a douche bag.)

please, fucking god, somebody buy this for me.

i’m about to admit something to you (readers of my blog whom i feel so very close to), that i have never revealed to anyone, ever (while sober). every time i watch Rocky 1, i tear up a little at the end. don’t bother calling me a fag, cause i know most of you do it too. so out of the 22 screenplays he’s written, stallone nailed at least one. but holy fucking shit, what is this? writing and directing a biopic about edgar allan poe??? all those goth kids must be rolling over in their coffin shaped beds. is it possible that we are all underestimating the man who brought us such classics as Over the Top and Rhinestone?  nevermore.  (shameless, i am.)


when you have nothing left to burn…

9 10 2007

problem w/ authority

so yesterday, a bunch of blogs reported that warner bros. president, Some Penis, said that he would no longer even consider making a movie with a female lead. (i would’ve made an entry about it, but as i’ve said before, i fucking hate blogging, and i fucking hate you too.) but then, wb said that the story was bullshit. which was followed with more blog entries! if you ask me, Some Penis was right. the only thing women are good for in movies is nude scenes.

Kerouac, Hemingway, Heller, and Ellis are all going to have to wait, cause the next book i’m reading is going to be Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. why? because i heart Michael Cera. and because it sounds really fucking good. (i’m a sucker for love stories involving socially impaired young men. (i’m a fag.))

yes, it is true that 90% of the shit that i post here is just a regurgitation of a /film post. but i’m fucking lazy, so fuck you. i’ve been avoiding mentioning the new Indiana Jones movie, but the truth is, i’m really fucking excited about it. so i think this is pretty effing cool. believe it or not, i was not invited. fuck me.

it’s all gonna break

3 10 2007

aye aye

the Pas/Cal christmas show in 2003 was probably the best night of my life. so this makes me sad.

but here’s a little bit of awesomeness to turn that frown fucking upside down. Jon Stewart is producing Demetri Martin’s new show. martin is one of my favorite stand up comedians, and who doesn’t like the daily show (other than conservatives/fags and humorless assholes)?

i don’t know why i’m posting this, but i am. some guy put together a list of a bunch of different kinds of pop that have been discontinued, or as he put it, a tribute to soft drinks no longer with us. fuck knows why i thought that was interesting. although, i did drink the shit out of surge when i was in high school.

how to make pancakes like a crackhead.

some asshole actually spent a lot of time writing these 21 tips for being a great blogger. this list represents everything that is wrong with the world. all i want to do is stroke my ego by watching how many hits i get each day, but i don’t need some stupid fucking list to get my numbers and my ego to grow. if you want to know my secret, ride the bump, fellow blog whores.

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i heart mr rogers

26 08 2007

but i’m still weirded out by kids.