the only day i don’t wear a costume is halloween

30 10 2007

happy clown

ninja parade.

trent and saul.

kevin smith.

top 25 horror films.


wood allen.

Evil Dead 2.

i’m lazy on strike.



21 10 2007

black cobra

internet trends are fun. and by fun, i mean fucking annoying. but this one continues to entertaining me.

i was debating posting a link to this article, the ten best sci-fi movies that were never made, or just blatantly stealing from it. apparently, my blogger ethics kicked in. either that, or i’m too lazy to even steal. just read the article. and pretend that i wrote the shit about star wars.

it appears puddlegum has cracked the radiohead mystery.  i can finally sleep at night.

i have a homework assignment for you.  i’m bringing back lolcatz for halloween.  (i know what i just said about internet trends, but lolcatz is more than just an internet trend.  it’s a cultural phenomenon.)  your assignment: add funny captions using bad spelling to these pictures.  i spent a lot of time dressing up those cats.  the least you could do is write a “im in ur ____, ____ing ur ____.”

it’s all gonna break

3 10 2007

aye aye

the Pas/Cal christmas show in 2003 was probably the best night of my life. so this makes me sad.

but here’s a little bit of awesomeness to turn that frown fucking upside down. Jon Stewart is producing Demetri Martin’s new show. martin is one of my favorite stand up comedians, and who doesn’t like the daily show (other than conservatives/fags and humorless assholes)?

i don’t know why i’m posting this, but i am. some guy put together a list of a bunch of different kinds of pop that have been discontinued, or as he put it, a tribute to soft drinks no longer with us. fuck knows why i thought that was interesting. although, i did drink the shit out of surge when i was in high school.

how to make pancakes like a crackhead.

some asshole actually spent a lot of time writing these 21 tips for being a great blogger. this list represents everything that is wrong with the world. all i want to do is stroke my ego by watching how many hits i get each day, but i don’t need some stupid fucking list to get my numbers and my ego to grow. if you want to know my secret, ride the bump, fellow blog whores.

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i been around

2 10 2007


the onion’s AV Club put together a list of 24 films that will make you want to kill yourself. and it’s actually a pretty good list. just reading it has already made me depressed. but i’m not the sunniest of people, on a good day.

and because i can’t get enough information in list form, here’s another one that is also worth a shit, 31 movies to prepare for halloween, or something. although it’s pretty good, i don’t understand how only ONE Evil Dead movie made it on there. every october, everyone should be required to watch each Evil Dead movie AT LEAST twice. cause i do.

can you read? no? ur n luck. wired interviewed ridley scott about Blade Runner: The Final Cut, and they posted the friggin audio. i’m listening to it RIGHT NOW. it’s great. kind of. not really. if you like Blade Runner, A LOT, then you should be all over this. or if you like it just enough to want to know if Harrison Ford dreams of electric sheep (i’m cool because i get that reference… that i just made), now’s ur chance.