when you have nothing left to burn…

9 10 2007

problem w/ authority

so yesterday, a bunch of blogs reported that warner bros. president, Some Penis, said that he would no longer even consider making a movie with a female lead. (i would’ve made an entry about it, but as i’ve said before, i fucking hate blogging, and i fucking hate you too.) but then, wb said that the story was bullshit. which was followed with more blog entries! if you ask me, Some Penis was right. the only thing women are good for in movies is nude scenes.

Kerouac, Hemingway, Heller, and Ellis are all going to have to wait, cause the next book i’m reading is going to be Nick & Norah’s Infinite Playlist. why? because i heart Michael Cera. and because it sounds really fucking good. (i’m a sucker for love stories involving socially impaired young men. (i’m a fag.))

yes, it is true that 90% of the shit that i post here is just a regurgitation of a /film post. but i’m fucking lazy, so fuck you. i’ve been avoiding mentioning the new Indiana Jones movie, but the truth is, i’m really fucking excited about it. so i think this is pretty effing cool. believe it or not, i was not invited. fuck me.


more ironic than u

7 10 2007

eat a queer fetus for jesus

UPDATE: i thought of a title!  and what a title it is.

there is FINALLY a trailer for the new Futurama movie. watching it made me feel like i was in college again. except with more money. and less happiness.

i heart Metric. way to go jasper for ripping and posting this.

i also heart Zooey Deschanel, which is the only reason i can think of to watch her new wizard of oz remake, Tin Man. good luck just getting through the preview.

break dancing + children = awesome and hilarious. something tells me i shouldn’t be having kids of my own, anytime soon.

life, explained

30 09 2007


first, i have to get this out of the way. i heart tegan and sara. i just downloaded their new album, the con, and i’m fucking hooked. i’m barely equipped to communicate with other people, much less describe my thoughts about music, but i’ll try anyway because what else do you have to do right now? this album is the kind that tugs at my emotions while making me constantly want to turn it up until my ears bleed. nineteen is easily my favorite track. their show in november is already fucking sold out. motherfuck me. so anyway…

i saw two movies tonight. the first was Eastern Promises, David Cronenberg‘s new film. it was really pretty good. it was even more violent than big dave’s last film, A History of Violence, and that had “violence” right in the title for fuck’s sake. the bathhouse scene was especially shocking. imagine aragorn… naked… in a knife fight. the old woman sitting next to me summed it up perfectly when she yelled, “JIMINY CHRISTMAS.” the only down side was the baby. i am so sick of fucking babies (not literally). and yes, i will continue to milk that joke until i have (literally) milked it dry.

the other movie i saw tonight was Across the Universe, a musical made up entirely of Beatles’ songs. it was good, but i am sure that most people with more artistic sensibilities will be turned off by Julie Taymor‘s attempts at being “artistic.” (after rereading that last sentence, i feel like an asshole. but i’m leaving it. cause it’s 3am, and i’m too tired to think of something better to say.) before it’s release, taymor and producer, joe roth, had a major disagreement which led to roth recutting the film and conducting screenings without taymor’s knowledge, which led to taymor threatening to take her name off the film, and also delayed the release by an entire year. i’m not sure whose cut i saw tonight, but when the credits rolled, it clearly said “a julie taymor film”, so take that for what it’s worth. although the film had it’s weak points, it had a certain affect on me. it reminded me of something that i had forgotten about myself, and about people in general. that was way too personal of a statement for ANYONE to really understand. but again, i’m too tired to even delete.

and speaking of The Beatles, it was recently announced that Martin Scorsese will direct a documentary about my favorite Beatle, George Harrison. (i just wrote so much shit about The Beatles that i needed a bump. RIDE IT, BITCHES.) Read the rest of this entry »

happy birthday Bill Murray

21 09 2007

bill murray

bill murray, you are the shit.

bruce lee is crazy awesome

16 09 2007


you should really already know this, but when Bruce Lee died in 1973, he left the film Game of Death with only about 20 minutes of footage. the movie was eventually completed using stand ins, which turned out to be a giant mess, which is the basis for the new mockumentary Finishing the Game, which sounds like it’ll be pretty good. if you want to watch something that is truly fucking awesome, just ride the bump.
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white light/white heat

11 09 2007

this is some cool shit. it’s about 50 years away from being useful, but holy fuck, that is friggin cool.

UPDATE: still cool, one week later.

btw, i heart science.

u heart michael cera

9 09 2007

clark and michael

this weekend is all about watching internet shows. i finally started watching michael cera’s show Clark and Michael. if you haven’t seen it yet, then you are clearly less cool than me. clearly.

djew know michael cera has a band called The Long Goodbye? i bet you didn’t. add that to the list of reasons why i’m cooler than you.

i also just saw this review for Juno, and i’m pissed. if you cheap fucks would’ve all pitched in, you could be reading my review right now. thanks again. for nothing.