federal [pound me in the ass] prison

23 10 2007


supposedly, Bruce Campbell’s new/old movie My Name Is Bruce is finally getting released on dvd in the fall of 2007. correct me if i’m wrong, but doesn’t that mean that it either already came out, or it’s coming out in the next two months? this is either good news, or just another cock tease. i guess we’ll see soon enough. (if anyone has it on their computer, i’ll pay good money/sex for a copy.)

i just used this picture in the description of a video on the BITA page, but i had to post it again here on the MAIN PAGE. i (like most people who don’t rape babies) do not like the band creed. there was a time when it was fun to laugh at all the stupid shit they would do. but after a while, it got old and i stopped caring. but tonight, i came across this picture, and all the joy of laughing at creed came rushing back. if you’re too lazy to click on the link, just imagine four guys who think they are Jesus, posing shirtless, and possibly pantless, and looking VERY sexy. (there’s nothing i love more than a sexy jesus.)

fucking internet. they took something that’s annoying in real life, and made it virtually annoying. this is exactly why certain people (college students majoring in computer science) need to use lubricant when they masturbate. if you flog a dry dolphin long enough, eventually you have to stop and do something else for a while. and those fuckers have nothing of value to contribute to the world.

did you hear about OiNK? apparently the cleveland police dept. went to amsterdam and arrested some british dude who was running the best music sharing torrent site on the www. which is fine with me. the only thing i hate more than music is rich people not getting richer. god bless the RIAA and the cleveland pd.


i been around

2 10 2007


the onion’s AV Club put together a list of 24 films that will make you want to kill yourself. and it’s actually a pretty good list. just reading it has already made me depressed. but i’m not the sunniest of people, on a good day.

and because i can’t get enough information in list form, here’s another one that is also worth a shit, 31 movies to prepare for halloween, or something. although it’s pretty good, i don’t understand how only ONE Evil Dead movie made it on there. every october, everyone should be required to watch each Evil Dead movie AT LEAST twice. cause i do.

can you read? no? ur n luck. wired interviewed ridley scott about Blade Runner: The Final Cut, and they posted the friggin audio. i’m listening to it RIGHT NOW. it’s great. kind of. not really. if you like Blade Runner, A LOT, then you should be all over this. or if you like it just enough to want to know if Harrison Ford dreams of electric sheep (i’m cool because i get that reference… that i just made), now’s ur chance.

phoning it in, for bruce

3 09 2007


filmwad did an editorial about 3 common cinematic misconceptions.  fuck the first two.  skip to the end.

and while we’re on the subject, check this shit out.  not exactly late breaking news.  not to mention, i haven’t even read it yet, but how could it not be good?

wasting my time, to better waste yours

26 08 2007


here are some things i’ve learned about stuff recently:

every rumor you’ve heard about the justice league of america movie is a fucking lie.

iron man WILL be the greatest comicbook movie ever, which isn’t saying much, but still.

bruce campbell is holding up production of bubba nosferatu because he’s not sure that he wants to work with paul giamatti.

frank miller’s new movie, the spirit, is going to be awesome.

oz, the remake of the wizard of oz based on todd mcfarlane’s action figures, is going to be disappointing.

everything you heard about superbad is true.