movies rock (fur shizzel)

11 12 2007

bill murray

a while back i got a supplement with wired magazine called movies rock. it actually wasn’t terrible to read. they had a couple things about Bill Murray and Zooey Deschanel. not to mention, they had two of my favorite comedians, Demetri Martin and David Cross, reviewing tracks recorded by celebrities. i really wanted to post the article, but this bullshit magazine supplement is, apparently, not on the internet. (i am still in disbelief that there is anything in existence that does not also exist on the internet.) luckily for you, i was a little drunk when i realized that the article has not found its way to the webbernuts. (don’t worry, a little alcohol is good for fetuses.) so i typed out about half the article. i was apparently too drunk to type the whole thing. ride the bump to read hilarity ensuing [like i give a shit].

UPDATE: my theory has been proven. everything that exists, also exists on the internet. including the internet. (paradox, motherfucker.) here’s the whole article that i needlessly spent an hour trying to retype.

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happy birthday Bill Murray

21 09 2007

bill murray

bill murray, you are the shit.

do it for the kids

10 09 2007

underage drinking

briney spears britney spears britney spears britney spears britney spears

i’m not sure if you’re aware of this, but every blog was required to mention [that one pop star]’s name at least five times today. i think it’s part of the partiot act or something. oh yeah, and before i forget, 9/11 9/11 9/11. i thought it was weird that i was required to say [that one pop star]’s name five times, but i was only instructed to say [the day we’re not supposed to forget] three times.

so anywayz, here’s a short film starring bill murray. it’s kind of funny. i guess. i mean, at least bill murray is in it.

and does anyone know if keira knightley gets naked in this movie? i’m going to go see it, and act like it’s really artsy. but if there is no nude scene, i’m gonna be this pissed.