last second live blog

8 03 2010

the dead person thinkg is going on right now.  i hate james taylor.  apparently the guy from kung fu died.  they didn’t say how.  that’s weird.  michael jackson?  why?dude didn’t do shit.

i would still bone cindy crawford.

fuck j lo.  and why is that guy talking with an accent?  fuck that guy too.  ummm.  who are all these gay ass people and why can’t i fast forward?  OMG!  they are doing a Hurt Locker dance.  HAHHA.  this guy is doing the robot!  FUCKING AMAZING.  somebody fucking shoot me.  that’s it.  i’m pausing it, so i can fast forward through this bull shit.

george clooney is soo high.  up won.  dude is lost.  how can he be lost.  look for the ugly whore holding the gold statue.  walk there.  easy.

another douche with an accent, announcing the visual effects oscar.  if ANYONE other than avatar win, i will be so fucking happy.  even star trek…  fuck.  oh well. jesus christ!  james cameron’s wife is ugly.

the bad guy from hackers just won an oscar for killing dolphins.  oh man.  the oscar people are suck dicks.  they just cut away from the producer who held up a sign.  text “dolphin” to 44144 and one dolphin will be killed in your name.

tyler perry is on tv.  i can see why he is so popular.  NOT.  The Hurt Locker just won for editing.  someon just said sam raimi.  and whores.  i think.

this is sooo fucking boring.  i want t o go to bed.  i’m doing this for u.

[now 6pm the following day]  i apparently passed out right after typing that.  so what did i miss?  sandra bullock won something.  wtfc?  jeff bridges won for that movie that i didn’t see because it’s about country music and i am racist against country music.  The Hurt Locker beat the fuck out of avatar.  thank fuck.  (nothing against avatar.  i guess.  it’s just a joke to call it the best movie of the year.  not to mention, The Hurt Locker was awesome.  fucking awesome.)

and i guess that was it.  now lets just cross our fingers that they cancel next year’s oscars.




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