i wish i could quit you. fag.

23 01 2009

i think i accidentally made a blog post.  this is from a comment on http://www.fivethreedialtone.com www.eatthiscity.com.   i couldn’t just let it be.

you ever notice how some people use the comment section of other people’s blogs as if they were their own blog? super lame bryanmetro and jared. it’s called wordpress. google it.

also, the oscars are only good for two things… getting drunk and swearing at your television.

also, dark knight absolutely did not deserve the best picture nomination. but for that matter, neither did crash, return of the king, chicago, a beautiful mind, gladiator, shakespeare in love, titanic, the english patient, or braveheart.

also, am i the only one who didn’t fucking love that button movie? i mean, it was good, but 13 nominations? seriously? i would have liked it better if they had released it under it’s original title, “forrest gump 2.” [boo yah!]

and why wasn’t rambo nominated for anything? isn’t there a category for best film depiction of the murder of a child? because rambo would’ve gotten double nominated for that shit. how many movies show a baby being ripped out of his mother’s arms and thrown in a fire, just for the hell of it? fuck dark knight. fucking rambo should have gotten a best picture nom.




One response

23 01 2009
Bryan Metro

I have my own thing which I occasionally update with inane opinions, but alot of times I come up with inane opinions about what other people say. This results in a comment. If I stopped commenting completely, and just had 20+ posts on my own thing per day, it would be a muddy disaster. ‘Gorilla’, who comments on many blogs, leaves very long blog-like comments. Just because his are well written and informed doesn’t absolve him from your first statement, technically. You have to be consistant in your criticisms or else it’s just not credible.

And the Dark Knight totally deserved the Best Pic nom. The Oscars are a business, first and foremost, designed to make money and ratings. You really think half the winners deserve to actually win? No way. The Dark Knight should have been nominated for the sole purpose of ratings(in addition to being a well crafted film). You think people are going to be like “Oh honey. We can’t go to bed yet. I need to see if The Reader takes home the gold.” Though I do agree with you in that Shakespeare in Love was rubbish. There you go chippy. You’ve just got your first super lame blog-esque comment.

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